Good Opportunities Rarely Come Twice

There are some things that are hard to put into words. Some people in the UK may wonder, why do I want to study abroad? Well for one thing,going abroad is harder when you graduate, it is expensive and unlikely that a person goes across an ocean when they are supposed to be looking for a job.

Let’s see, I was young when I started watching “Keeping Up Appearances” and thus began my love affair of British television. Now, it’s not only the television. I’ve always wanted to see Big Ben. I’ve wanted to walk into the nook and cranny bookshops. The changing of the guard, obviously Americans are fascinated by it. I want to understand fully the love affair of tea. I want to see London. I want to know what the locals know.

So, I’m not totally just a “Doctor Who” junkie that wants to spend thousands of dollars to go see the Doctor Who museum.

I’ve always loved to travel, and I promised myself after coming back from Spain, I’d travel to a place I’ve always wanted to┬átravel to once again. Spain introduced me to a whole new way of thinking about like, for example, vegetables are not always disgusting, just the US produce tastes quite bad. It made me realize how much people walk, different styles of dress, and how to communicate as well.

Transitioning into a fully functional adult is hard at times. I chose my major, I got good grades, was a semester ahead, and now I’ll be going abroad. Why did I make this decision? I started to think about the opportunities college offers you and the fact that I’ll most likely work for many years with little to no vacation. As travel is a passion, I started thinking about, how can I combine business with pleasure before I have to give the travel pleasure go for a long time. Also, if I wanted to explore work options abroad, after I graduate it is unlikely I’m going to go to Europe. I won’t have any contacts or any clue about anything if I do not go explore a few things for myself.

Also, considering what I am studying, I thought that not only would the classes be good for me, but possibly help me find a job in the UK.

There are many other reasons I want to go abroad. If you want to help me go abroad…


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