The  Magician Connection

For many Whovians who have just followed the new series and not bothered with much of the classic, twelve may just seem to have an obsession with stylish coats that border on magician. 

    For those of us who have seen the third Doctor, it’s a dialed down tribute to a doctor referred to as both magician and as a dandy. 

      For people who know Capaldi, it becomes apparent that his favorite Doctor as a kid was the third Doctor. Rightly so, as the third doctor made the doctor a bit more action packed rather than a Sherlock Holmes deducing in his spaceship. 

       In fact, the third Doctor did not have a spaceship really as his TARDIS had broken down and only took him into in between worlds from time to time. 

      This is where the Doctor probably did build true appreciation for people on earth and had his snobbery taken down a peg.

     The third doctor would be a snob them have to eat his words. He was disrespectful to authority as always but often had a early more arguing than protecting relationship with the Brigadier. 

        As the third doctor tries to leave once again, before he “leaves” he says 

I can’t stand this pompous self opinionated idiot here

Which, he may himself be that because a few seconds later he is behind the Brig, only having moved a few seconds in time. 

     When Beigadier Lethbridge Stewart repeats his words back he has to say let the past be the past.

12 has adopted his pompous, self opinionated ways.

      But Capaldi himself has gotten style tips from the Doctor. 

      All you need to do is check out his interview with Craig Ferguson


   And his friend Craig says “you didn’t  tell me you have become a magician.”

    It’s was not at all surprising to those who have followed Capaldi, Pertwee, or Ferguson very very closely, to see that Capaldi had selected the outfit that he did for his Doctor. 

     In a way, we have Pertwee to thank for Capaldi being inspired to be such an incredible Doctor. 


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