Peter Capaldi Suspended

ok I didn’t create this story but this April Fools joke isn’t even believable, Jeremy Clarkson style as if Capaldi would get suspended for punching someone. You just need to see the video the BBC put out two days ago to see how much he loves his job, and loves being a joy to kids. 

       Yes he is Malcolm Tucker but those punchy bar drug days were his teen/20s where then he got help and has been working toward a career he enjoys so much I believe it helped him vs some actors who go deeper into drugs. 

      So this story would be valid a long time ago maybe, but off “scripted” or “controlled” television, as I work in TV I can say there is ad libbing and being yourself but nothing is ever “not scripted”. Even game shows have a bit of scripting to them. But Jeremy Clarkson=Peter Capaldi? Never, not buying it. Capaldi has played brash roles but off his roles you can see how calm he is… 


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