Tom Baker voted Worst Doctor

It seems as if NuWho fans do not agree that Tom Baker is a good doctor at all. In fact they are all saying that

classic who doesn’t matter. It was bad special effects, bad story lines, ridiculous outfits, and silly weak girl companions.

Tom Baker is part of that, and he does not shine a light to Tennant. Tom Baker became so much in the limelight he was the reason the show ended, no one liked anyone as much as they liked him, so all his predecessors died, almost forgotten, because Tom Baker fever had made everyone giddy and stupid.


Everyone who was after Baker was just kind of vanilla, or worse, trying to make themselves a birthday cake flavored *cough Sixie* cough* cough* . It’s a good enough flavor but the show just slowly deteriorated as no one could live up to the Justin Bieber Fever like madness of Tom Baker. vmyg7muvhac

So if your favorite Doctor is 5, 6, or 7, blame Tom Baker for it being off the air. And 8 is not on that list because he was so hot that it had a revival but good looks aren’t everything.


Finally people came to their senses and saw that, now Tom Baker is the most hated Doctor.


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