Happy Birthday to the One with the Lovely Head and Kind Heart

We have ourselves a bit of a cool phenomenon. Two Peter’s birthdays one right after another. Today it’s Peter Davison! Apparently you have to have a Peter or Baker in your name to become the Doctor.

Peter Davison’s Doctor was quite a departure from the well loved fourth doctor. Davison’s Doctor was an all around good guy with a very kind heart.

A bit bumbling, like in good ol’ fashion Doctor style. He takes on many companions and has a hard time getting one in particular to the airport.

His dress was even kooky like good ol’ fashion Doctor style in an Edwardian cricket costume. Oh, and celery! You’ll have to watch to get that one. 200px-fifth_doctor

Despite Davison’s fifth Doctor being a good guy, we see a tragic event. One that had not really been seen by the audience of Doctor Who before, a companion dies. Companions have left, the Doctor has left companions, the Doctor has been heartbroken by leaving companions on a friendship or romantic level, but before Adric, no companion had ever died.

Adric may have become to be an annoying companion, but he was quite a genius. A wizard at numbers that even the Doctor acknowledged at times to be just as quick as him. Yet, Adric was a kid and had the impulses of a kid.

Peter Davison is lovely off screen as well. If you are a fan of David Tennant, you should know that he is David’s father-in-law. Trippy.

He is very kind to Peter Capaldi, and before the 50th you could see Capaldi smiling with a smile that looked like it had been botoxed on, he is such a fangirl. Peter, meet Peter. With a birthday just the day before you Capaldi. 😀



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