Peter Capaldi, I Wish You a Happy Birthday

Capaldi has come into the role with rave reviews. Some may have left because he is “older”, but I think the fandom has determined, if that’s the reason you left, you aren’t true fans of the show. I was so happy when Capaldi was announced. I had never heard the name before as an actor, but I had seen an interview.

I rushed to my computer. Who was this man? I looked up Craig Ferguson and Peter Capaldi. Suddenly, I realized I had watched that interview before, that I had learned about Capaldi as a teenager in Ferguson’s book American on Purpose .My two favorite shows combined.

I can’t put into words how amazing I have found him as the Doctor. I cannot give a good tribute because, it’s like being rendered speechless. I’m babbling. tumblr_nmr277EWUg1sgicl9o1_400


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