The second Doctor said reflectively in “the Mind Robber”. I have a different sort of appreciation for this episode than others. It isn’t that scary. It isn’t beautiful. It isn’t the best acting from anyone. It isn’t even amazing writing. Yet, it is unusual. It is interesting. I wish the Doctor now had more episodes like it. The Doctor is supposed to be a clever fellow but quite often he runs and maneuvers without stopping to use his brain. He displays quick thinking but quite often now it is reliant upon his insider knowledge of the universe and it’s secrets. It is rarely on the spot wordplay, riddles, math questions, patterns, and knowledge of science or history. Yes these are still involved, but this episode shows why it is a kids’ show. 

       Words are powerful. Our ideas are powerful. What we choose to believe. What we do to refute a lie we have told ourselves. 

Words like a sword. Rearrange sword and what do you got? Words.

Second Doctor Solves Riddles in The Mind Robber



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