You Deserve Honesty

     Hello lovelies! I am fortunate enough to have people that think my blog is worth reading. That my tweets are worth retweeting and my opinion is worth something.
       Why am I not focusing on this blog? I ask myself that a lot lately.

I am not sure myself. I still like Doctor Who. I have the time. I love writing. I always am finding content. What is wrong?
       This blog is the most successful one I have ever had, (Tumblr is excluded because Tumblr isn’t really a blog. Its more of a reblog, which isn’t the same.) I thank you all for that. Maybe it is that people don’t seem to care enough and I am paying for a domain name. Maybe it’s my constant urge to move on to bigger and better things? Maybe its because I want to switch from WordPress to something else?
        Why can’t I seem to find time when I know for a fact that I have more? My passion has not really decreased. However I am not as enthused as I know I probably would be a year ago…I am going to Doctor Who Fest in London for crying out loud!
          Maybe because I felt like this blog may take me somewhere at the start…I don’t really see that happening now. Maybe because I dreamed an impossible dream, only to start to feel that instead of being like a brilliant contender, I feel like maybe I am ordinary. I do not like being ordinary. Maybe that’s why so many are drawn to the Doctor, he takes ordinary companions and shows us that they are really quite extraordinary.


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