The Doctor’s Dark Side

Many people like to skip over six. They know he has a coat of many colors, he has curly hair. He has a name close to the beloved Tom Baker. Yet he is not
as well liked as Tom Baker by any means.
       His audio adventures are much better than the ones he had on screen. Colin Baker’s voice, his obvious love for the show, and his hand in trying to save it are the redeeming qualities for the 6th Doctor. His scripts were quire disastrous. One has to wonder if the BBC was trying to kill the show. The show had come a long way since the crotchety old first Doctor. They made a benevolent Doctor into a prideful and arrogant jerk. A doctor you would not really want to travel with, especially since the first thing he tries to do in his new incarnation is kill Peri.
       I think it is good to have this incarnation to show the doctor has his faults. He is fallible. He has become a  a$&  galvanising across the universe with so much arrogance that he can save the day and do it without a hitch. You lose something when you have a hero that always wins. You lose the thrill. Your hero gets a bit of an ego. Your hero let’s the ego hide while he plays God.
       A Trial of a Time Lord is the darker side of the doctor. We hear from his alter ego trying to prosecute him , or himself. The nemisis or alter ego, is called The Valeyard….who is supposed to be coming about now as it said in classic Who. Many hypothesized when Missy came, that she was the Valeyard. I liked that theory the best. I knew that it was most likely the Master but that was too obvious and I hoped that Moffat and Capaldi would pull more old villains back. More past companions. There is so much classic who and the new generation needs to become acquainted with it. It would have been easy. We haven’t even brought back The Rani! Where is the evil time lady? Wouldn’t it be fun to see two evil time ladies bicker? Because the Rani thinks both the Doctor and the Master are stupid bickering children.
      Although sixie was much disliked, he was an important era, he made the Doctor have more depth to his character. More human in his faults. A villain at times. Self saboteur, like we are in life sometimes.  He dealt with some of the most interesting villains. The wardrobe department looked like it hadn’t adjusted its budget since the early 70s. So the writing made some of the villains complex and noteworthy. However, the plots were drawn out, and the doctor’s multiple personalities made it easy to get sidetracked into trying to understand the new doctor rather than the plot. Six brought a lot to the table, too bad people seemed to stop caring.


2 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Dark Side

  1. Six is my favourite classic Doctor. Somehow the boisterous, bombastic, pompous Sixth Doctor was like a breath of fresh air after Five going about being terribly polite to everyone all the time (not that I have anything against Five), and I loved that. Colin Baker really should have been given more of a chance by the BBC because the long-term character arc they were setting up for him, which would have seen him mellow into a more agreeable character, had so much potential. I think Six had it in him to become the definitive Doctor, even overshadowing Tom Baker, if only he’d been given a chance, and better scripts. I like him on audio too but I sort of feel Big Finish have departed too far from Six’s original characterisation in trying to avoid making him as obnoxious as he was on television, and have just turned him into a generic Doctor in a way…


    • I agree. The doctor was made almost too likeable, too too sweet for an alien. We were forgetting he was an alien after five. My sister and I have a running joke though. We are the doctor’s wife or companion but we have a temporary separation at 6. I myself, like 7, where many do not and think him very manipulative and have bad monsters (script issues). But I think 7, is no more manipulative than the new doctors who play God. He had terrible scripts but purely for kid fun enjoyment — I actually think they are great for a series that obviously isn’t getting money and basically the 80s were a time when everyone was “too cool”, and though the show had made great strides, like with daleks actually being able to levitate, no one was watching anymore….the same with Colin Baker’s doctor. No one really noticed the huge leaps and depths they were adding because everyone was focusing on the Doctor or companion. The testing done also showed people didn’t like the companions so much at the time.


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