Seventh Doctor is the Best

OK, maybe not, it is just an opinion anyway. Every fan knows that every doctor is a valid answer. So why do I choose the seventh?

I choose seven for many reason but it is hard to put into words. I love every Doctor.

The first who started it all, a sassy curmudgeon of a time traveler.

The second who added humor

The third who added pizzaz and finesse

The fourth who added that random humor, more alien like

the fifth that demonstrated the kind heart of the doctor

the sixth who showed depth in character, exploring the doctor as a fallible being

8 added style and romance

9 added a punk street smarts about him

10 was a lover, as well as a defender of life

11 was your odd, fun, get you into trouble best friend

I refuse to put 12 in a box until we see where next season takes us….

So why do I like 7 so much?

In all reality, he may not be my favorite Doctor. The numbers are always in flux.  Yet there is something in Sylvester McCoy which I love so very much.

Could it be he was the first classic Doctor I ever watched? Perhaps.

Yet, I refuse to believe that. I watched 9 first but fell for 10.

I think it was his cunning. He used his wits. He had a plan. He explained his plan, most of the time.

I have often heard Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor called the most disliked Doctor. I find this odd, because mostly it comes from people who have never watched him.

They call him manipulative. Indeed, but most the Doctors are when you really think about it. 1 kept Susan’s teachers against their wishes, yet seemed to want to get rid of them, so he would be rude to them. Three was always trying to manipulate the Brigadier and Elizabeth Shaw because he had a big ego and thought he was brilliant working alone. Six put Peri in constant emotional turmoil because of his actions toward her. The tenth doctor chose who lived and died, a huge manipulation. All through the universe the Doctor chooses many times inadvertently, who lives and dies, the greatest manipulation of all.

Frankly, I do not see it any more than any other Doctor.

They say Sylvester McCoy’s scripts were badly written.

Oh yeah, they were cheesy, but so was most of Doctor Who at that time. The costumes were not too extravagant, it looked small budget. The effects were the cheesy 80s effects.

But if you look at the dialogue, it’s truly brilliant.

¬†Getting philosophical. If you never experience sadness, you cannot truly enjoy happiness. It’s true, if you are always happy, you take happiness for granted, if you are always happy, you have nothing to compare. It’s a good episode (despite that the villains were lackluster)

Listen to the Rani, her reactions are minimal, making her a beautiful villain.

Ace is a beautifully written tom-boyish girl who blows stuff up! We haven’t had that at all in new who. She isn’t the best looking girl in the world, but she is by no means at all the worst. She isn’t all prim and proper, after all she blows things up for the Doctor.

He had brilliant movements. He sang well. He did have a funny hat, that he liked to tip. Question mark umbrella. His moves in general were very, comical.

Smart and funny, isn’t that what you look for in a man? So, if he looked like David Tennant, I’m sure the ladies would swoon even harder. That’s Sylvester McCoy, being Sylvester McCoy it seems from blooper reels. Energy, pratfalls, and good sense of humor. It looks like he would be fun to work with for any actor/actress.

What that man can do with his face too! Facial expressions are an important trait many actors forget can make a good scene better. It’s not that they really forget so much as their reactions are what is expected. Sometimes with big outlandish characters, spicing up those reactions makes the character 100% more enjoyable.

We can tell things about him through that. Such as when his companion leaves before he picks up Ace, he is being angry and rude because we can see him trying to make it hurt less. His face lightens up when she suggests Ace as a companion, he will not be alone.

Also, the Doctor is a total badass, he walks away from an explosion not looking back. If you’re saying yeah yeah I’ve seen it before, it might interest you to know that his coat actually did catch fire and he kept that straight face.

I’m not saying that you have to make 7 your favorite Doctor, but at least give him a chance before you judge. Also remember, the BBC had pretty much had made up their minds to try to kill the series around 6-7th doctors times, they sabotaged the show as much as they could sometimes it seemed, just enough so that it looked like they kind of tried, although some weeks it was worse.

A candyman as a villain? Really?

But I love that episode anyway, because it’s funny he traps him with LEMONADE for crying out loud because of the chemical reaction.

So I’m not saying you have to love 7. I get it. It’s kind of Doctor Who trying to be modern while maintaining the old, it doesn’t work. It also is just trying to kill itself with such a crappy budget. According to McCoy, the TARDIS smelled, whenever they filmed them coming out of the TARDIS, if you see running, that’s why……it just helps this is Doctor Who.

Just give 7 a chance. McCoy did a brilliant job acting wise, it isn’t his fault the BBC was trying to get it off the air with such a crap budget.


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