My Doctor Who Viewing History

Some of you have asked about me and how I got into Doctor Who….People often tell me that Doctor Who has always been cool. No. It hasn’t. Not here in America. When I first watched it, I was afraid to say anything because only true dorks watched the show. So I watched it on and off.

A year later at a friends’ house, she shared her guilty pleasure as watching Doctor Who, describing David Tennant as “so hot”.  We all chimed in that we watched it. It was interesting. We were all genuinely surprised. We were big fans, but no one talked about it. There was no merchandise really in America yet, so no one was wearing bow ties, or t-shirts.

I loved David Tennant. My first Doctor was Eccleston though, of course. Yet when Martha came along, I quit watching for awhile, because my friend stopped watching when she came on, and I thought she acted like she knew him too much after only two episodes. But, pretty soon I was watching again, watching Martha. I like Martha now, she is completely badass. She doesn’t take crap even from the Doctor, she has more self respect than that, more confidence. The Doctor has to earn the “doctor” title, to her.

Later I fell hard for Donna Noble. To this day, she may be my favorite nu-who companion, even beating Rose.

When Tennant left though, I mourned by refusing to watch 11. I basically only went on Tumblr to talk about Tennant and Eccleston….the fiftieth was coming up in a year or so, so I was getting antsy, there were references now I was clueless on…Then I watched him a bit, eh he was OK, hated the writing though. I like Matt well enough now. I didn’t watch the show basically, and then the day I literally said “I’m going to give Doctor Who another chance.” I turned on the computer to binge watch and Matt had announced he was going to be retiring. I was heartbroken, I had just committed and now this was the end?  (Still watched it, just a month later because I was so upset that my timing was terrible, if I did fall in love, it’d be the end)

However my excitement built up over who the new Doctor would be….

Then I learned and I went out of my mind!!!! Peter Capaldi. He seemed familiar. He was. I had seen him with my love obsession, Craig Ferguson, they were in a band together. They tripped, and Peter came to Craig to learn how he stopped drugs. Peter was the guy he interviewed who dressed like a magician (kinda like the third Doctor, he literally kept the Doctor’s influence all his life in real life, isn’t that adorable?)

I also was trying to get my sister into Doctor Who, she wasn’t really buying it. I started watching a few of the episodes on Netflix. I made the mistake of starting with the first Doctor, not that it was bad, but I was lost because it was not the first episode as I thought it was…..Then I watched more. I had my sister watch 4. She fell in love. We watch the show together now, it has become a family thing. My mom has even started watching. However it is sad Classic Who is never on BBCA. The one time it was, it was one random episode at some odd hour of night, and it was a 7th Doctor episode. I fell in love, he was actually explaining, and the plot made sense. It wasn’t Moffat ADD type writing. It wasn’t the Doctor flailing from place to place with plans. No, he was calculating and sat back a bit while he distanced himself to see the whole equation. The seventh doctor, has good reasoning skills.

So we had to buy a Hulu+ membership. We watch Doctor Who all the time now on our weekends together. Love you little sis. As much as you love Doctor Who now, it’s a wonder she doesn’t read my blog. Thanks for the support! 😛


The pic, is me, in cosplay before the 50th anniversary that I watched at home with the fam first, but this was before the American theater release the next day.

So my two favorite worlds were combining. Doctor Who and Craig Ferguson. A connection. I made this website, and am going to London this fall, to spend a semester in Leicester, where I will travel to all of the UK when I am not studying. I hope to get a job in the UK, preferably with Doctor Who.


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