Reasons Why I Want More Sylvester McCoy- with a note to McCoy

Ok, so he may not be your favorite Doctor, but he sure should be your top ranked outtake Doctor. I want a show full of outtakes with him. I wish there was more Doctor Who of him just so I could see more of his antics. I don’t know how his body is holding up, but Sylvester, if you are listening, please I beg of you do more absurd movements. Your flub ups are by far the best I have seen on any show or movie blooper reel.

I liked you before, but when I saw your blooper reels, suddenly your Doctor had a lot more life behind him. It’s you. Full of life Sylvester McCoy.

It made him my favorite Doctor….(12 runs very close though). It’s hard to win over a teenager who was obsessed with the handsome looks of Tennant, so congrats.


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