Might be Better than Smith’s Original-Vote here

As one commenter on YouTube said “may be the only Pandorica speech that might be better than Smith’s original.” What am I talking about? Read on, dear viewer!

Sylvester McCoy’s pandorica speech of course! What?

One of the things Sylvester McCoy did particularly well as his incarnation of the Doctor was make speeches. He had to be brilliant at it, he had to be good at the comedic stuff because they made Doctor Who a parody of itself. Giving him scripts of things blowing up, him doing funny things, and on occasion giving a speech that was cheesy but the way he said it could knock your socks off (even if it was out of place in the script).

So it comes as no surprise that he should perform one of the greatest speeches that the Doctor has, in his 11th Doctor incarnation “I am the Doctor” speech. There are so many voice actors out there that try and do impressions of all the Doctors doing this speech, but they can go home when trying to do 7 because Sylvester McCoy does his own work.

At the drop of a hat at DragonCon, he whipped this speech out with nothing in front of him, he was asked, so he just starts rambling, and he adds his own incarnation of the doctor to it. He can. He’s the Doctor. It’s still him, so he can add or take what he wants from it.

Fans of McCoy know that the added line : “Oh, and I have nothing to lose” is so much like McCoy’s version of the Doctor.

I mean this is the man that shouted “If we fight like animals, WE DIE LIKE ANIMALS!” to the Master.

Still, it’s amazing how Doctor Who can give me chills still, even if Sylvester McCoy’s version isn’t the one that plays, he is still in there, every incarnation. So it’s totally cannon. He said the speech, we just know if 7 did it, it’d only be slightly different.

as one commenter on YouTube said “may be the only Pandorica speech that might be better than Smith’s original.”


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