Let’s Go Out Strong

Let’s finish strong,  OK? I love tributes and the first tribute here is pretty good…But below that….I have added my two favorites. So we made it out strong

So let’s couple it with my favorite guy who makes tributes

This literally may be my favorite tribute video….it’s in the top 5 of all tributes Doctor Who or not.

Then a slightly different one from him celebrating the “McCoy years”

So we went out strong, unlike McCoy’s Doctor taken out by a stupid bullet. He may have been a strong actor and had a good actress. But he alone was not enough to carry a show that the BBC decided was a waste of their time, trying to make it fail it seemed.

McCoy himself, is gracious and says you work with the scripts you are given and do not try to change it. True actors say that. I mean the ones from the UK really respect the authors role in it all. Sure they can ad lib and sometimes they do but they are hired to do a job, do the authors words, to which they do and try to bring it to life in the most extraordinary way they can….


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