Louis, Moffat’s Son Interviews Steven Moffat

This may be the most exclusive look you get into Steven Moffat’s personal life. Did you know Moffat was on Twitter? That Gatiss manipulates him with chocolate? There is a lot more in the interview also featuring his very talented wife, Sue Vertue. So read on!

Louis Moffat is a superb interviewer, that’s coming from a reporter, this blog is my let loose hobby blog. I really was impressed.

At one point Louis Moffat urged his dad “to be more imaginative.”

As the saying goes, “a silly question will get a silly answer”. Apparently no one told that to our Sherlock writer. Sherlock himself has never been fond of silly questions.

What I found most amusing is that Steven Moffat also admits to really liking cat videos. He also unveils that he did have a Twitter account for a short while, and most of the messages were good ones. To which, I am very proud of our fandom. He also says who he was following varied. He even followed “Fred Astaire Dance Routines” (which I looked for but I think he meant dance studio), which I actually happen to follow also, on Twitter and on their small following on Tumblr. Dang. I also eat turkey sandwiches and hold his views on lettuce. I also am super addicted to chocolate but I do keep SALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATES (his favorite he said if it existed, well we have them in America, inside the chocolate, it’s a new kind with Dove chocolate) Also Moffat, if you are out there, my cats adore me but I am more of a dog person.

I am Moffat. That is scary to me that we are so alike based on this interview. I have defended Moffat before, but maybe I will even more because that could be me (the girl from America said with crossed fingers). Just kidding. Or am I?

I am sure Louis has seen some of the hate out there directed at his dad. I’m sorry. More sorry that the fandom just places the blame on him without looking to see who wrote an episode they hated or whatnot. Show runners have responsibility hoisted on them whenever the show is not going the way people want it to, but it seems fine now that there is a new Doctor.

I also want to give KUDOS, for putting Sue Vertue in there. I do not see her interviewed a lot. Always wanted a Vertue & Moffat interview.

Brief talk about the Vicar of Dibley, which American viewers have probably never heard of but its fantastic and can be found on Netflix. She also produces Sherlock. To be frank, she is amazing and I love all of her work. I hope we get more interviews from Louis with her in the future.

Thank you Louis Moffat! I hope everyone extends a warm welcome to you so that we can hear many more good interviews in the future. You did an amazing job, truly wonderful.


Steven Moffat, I will safely be in America until September. I am an exchange student this year, and bought tickets to the Doctor Who festival.


1. I am going to learn how to dance like Fred Astaire.Perhaps like this video.

2. I am going to buy a few salted caramels and take only as many as the airport allows and it will take all my willpower ever to not eat them, but since they do not exist in the UK yet, I will remind myself of that so I can save it for you if I happen to meet you at the Who festival.

3. I have literally been planning a parody Moffat cosplay since the Doctor Who Festival was announced. So now I have more to work with thanks to Louis. If you want to give me anymore pointers, anyone really, please help me in the comments. 

4. I’m going to make a bunch of cat videos and animal videos for you to view, because apparently even Steven Moffat who makes kids hide behind their couches for a living heart melts after watching them.

5. I get you to watch these animal videos. Apparently even Steven Moffat who makes kids hide behind their couches for a living , loves watching animal videos.


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