Sentences, this is a very true statement by Moffat. If I think about all the people I have watched or read. JK Rowling, got us all hooked by the first page if you are being honest. I have been told, to stick with a book until chapter 2, if you do not like it by either 10 pages or by chapter 2, you probably are not going to like a book. There are exceptions, of course. Every phenomenal book I have read has started with a strong couple of pages. The chapters end strong. They compel me to keep reading, even if it means staying up 48 hours. Page turners, multiple storylines, climaxes, one right after another keep us all reading.

Same goes for TV shows. It is easy to flip the channel. What keeps us from not switching the channel? The fear of missing one second of a reaction that was left on hold. Fearing to miss one single moment of a possible plot rocking development. Not wanting to miss one single reference that may clue you in before everyone else, on what happens next.

It is a phenomenal thing that I have people at all who want to read my articles. So I thank you, that loyal small crowd. Jesus had 12, so I think I can do with about that same number. Remember to be amazing, we can all change the world together. It takes all kinds, so just determine to make others want to read the next sentence.

moffat Colbert knows the pain. He knows the feels.


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