Capaldi gets Teary Eyed on Pompeii episode

What made our beloved doctor teary eyed? Also, a video if you would like Capaldi to tease you if he is going to appear in a certain type episode…’ll have to watch, I do not do spoilers. I let others do it for me. 

The TARDIS of course! Kind of reminds me of Sarah Jane Smith asking Rose if he still strokes the TARDIS? He was sad that during his scene he could not see the TARDIS on set, so someone led him to it.

Yep, he’s the doctor all right. The doctor would do that.

He said he wished that he would have held out to play a villain. Oh Capaldi, if you had played a villain, you would have never been able to be the Doctor. Maybe he could have but it’d be hard to shake the good guy being a villain.


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