The BBC Owes the World

The BBC has done a lot to gain world wide popularity over the years, but decades work could soon be squashed.

It is no secret that during Matt Smith’s time that Doctor Who had catapulted BBC into a global desired commodity. Decades of having programming on PBS air a year later suddenly was not enough for Americans. American families started wanting the higher cable plans that included BBCA. Merchandise soon started to fly off shelves and onto more shelves. Suddenly what was a dorky show to watch, became the cool show to watch, but this did not happen overnight, Matt Smith just got to enjoy the benefit of decades of work. I remember the BBC trying to sell VCRs to me in a hotel bedroom, which my mom actually did buy. Keeping Up Appearances and All Creatures Great and Small (with the 5th Doctor in it), but many of my friends have never heard of or seen these shows, so it literally took about 20 years. So now that the BBC has gotten the world’s attention, what would it do?


Then there was the popularity of Sherlock and it’s vast stellar effects that worked seamlessly into the show. The BBC had successfully managed to modernize the show, a underappreciated achievement. Netflix helped fans of the UK explore more shows that the BBC had aired throughout the years, it all seemed so instant. What the world failed to realize is that the BBC does not operate on the schedule the rest of the world does for TV. In America, if a successful show is not on for a year, it usually means it is done for, it has been cancelled. America has set the pace, you have one season a year and that is for a reason. Attention spans are short, and in this day and age, Netflix had made the BBC look like it had put these shows out on an American schedule, because Doctor Who kept to the formula–HENCE part of its success.


What failed to register, is that if others had observed other BBC shows, dates of different seasons could be years a part. Now with the government in the UK suggesting some shake ups for the BBC, world-wide popularity that has taken a few decades to achieve, could be squashed. The BBC has already taken off many BBC shows from Netflix, leaving some good shows that showed UK’s massive talent, to be swept under the rug.

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The BBC has seemingly begged for worldwide popularity. It has tried to keep up with the American way of airing television. It has improved its effects. It has marketed its shows to a world-wide audience. It has gotten money from commercials from other countries. It has sold SO many overpriced Doctor Who merchandise, and the 50th showed that the love is spreading, and in some areas, they WISH they had the merchandise, but have managed to make a market of their own. This goes to show that the BBC can expand its market and support itself. So why are their rumors that season 10 may not be in production next year? It’s ordered, why not produce it?

Peter Capaldi deserves that role as long as he wants to have that role too. Changing young Doctors afraid of being type casts has led the show to become very fickle and confusing. It’s also why it’s hard to watch some of the classic Doctors. Four had time to build up a repertoire, just like it took the BBC years to build one around the world, it takes a Doctor a few years to gain world-wide acceptance.  I have heard British citizens say that shows like Sherlock and Doctor Who make it worth paying the license. So why is there questions that maybe the BBC is being too commercial? Is local the way to go? I think not, I have watched a lot of early US television to know that the local shows were rarely of good quality.

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The BBC has shown the world that it is worth watching. So now that the BBC has sold itself to the world, it has to pay the other part of that drug deal. That’s what it is, it got the world hooked and now its not providing. It isn’t even giving BBC America anything else besides Doctor Who and Top Gear. I have watched so much 1. Chef Ramsey 2. Star Trek 3. Top Gear 4. Doctor Who, but no Classic Who. I did a chart on it once. If you sat down and watched BBCA 24/7, you could watch all of 20 years of Top Gear in about two months. It’s nauseating, even if you do like cars. Americans have no idea that Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Keeping Up Appearances, or Fawlty Towers exists. Some do, but a lot do not. People in America have not seen any Emmerdale, Great British Bake Off, or anything like that. If the BBC is worried it is losing its cultural identity, it really is not, it is keeping to itself. The BBC could be showing the world how great Great Britain really is, but instead decides to show 20 years of Top Gear on its channels.

Yep<– August of last year, during the summer months, there is hardly any Doctor Who and so much more Top Gear.

If the BBC debate has been resolved in England, I do not care, these points still stand. Even JK Rowling knows it’s ridiculous, she tweeted that something to the effect of “The rest of the world seems to be confused why we would change the BBC too”. I understand it had to do with the coverage of the Scottish referendum. I get that, I really do, but no matter WHERE you are, biased reporting happens. The media decides what issue IT cares about and then reports it. Or it chooses a side, sometimes unknowingly, and reports that. The truth is, the BBC as far as bias goes, it about the same as the rest of the world, if not a bit more well rounded. Yes, I look at BBC news, the guardian, the Daily Mail AND American articles, the bias is everywhere.

But these points still stand, do not break something that has been working for you, especially as of late.

And yes, I am biased.

But I am up front about it and this is my opinion, not super filled with facts.


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    • I also have a twitter and a facebook page that is on this website. If you have one of those, you can scroll down, find my feed for one of those, and subscribe that way too. I post different things on different venues, so you get more Doctor Who madness. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog.


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