Who in Whovians to Follow

Fans are the greatest assets to the fandom. These are subject to change. I like to feature different twitter people at different times.

  1. @OhMyJLC – She was the one that asked Hayley Atwell about acting on “Doctor Who”, so you can blame her for the viral storm. She is also an incredible fan to interact with online.

    mia ★ 81 || 18

  2. @IknowJoJo  Jo Whitby    -Creator of the comics, “Craigy Who and Mr. Timey Pants”, also just fun to look at her work.
  3. @MrCThomson -Christopher Thompson- A stunningly talented voice impressionist. He has a lot of cool projects going on as well.
  4. @BabelColour -Stuart Humphreys- He is an amazing color/colour artist. He brings colour to classic who episodes. He also has A-MA-ZING fan tribute videos. Absolutely stunning, most of the fan videos I feature, are from him.
  5.  @whofalldifan   –ecpotterwhofalldi– A wonderful fan that will always make you feel special.

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