Whoniverse Dweeks

A topic of debate among the Whoniverse-or should I say dweekiverse? Is the fact that some Doctor Who fans have started calling themselves Whovians. I myself have been called a dweek. I resented it.

So personally, I am against it. Even if it was coming from a fellow Who fan. To me, Whovian just makes sense. A dweek sounds like the name people are calling “nerds” to me it sounds too much like “dweeb”.  I guess I like Whovian because it is easier to say things like Whoniverse or Whovian. I also like Whovian because dweek makes it sound like it became in the 80s. It was a dweeb- geeky show to watch. I was worried when Doctor Who first started because when I first started watching no one was…..calling myself a dweek or others calling me a dweek, makes me feel like someday the Who fans will be ostrasized  back to role of outsider.

Like the ones in “Freaks and Geeks” (check out the guy cosplaying as 4 in the Halloween episode–this is how the world saw us). I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad but it was portrayed as something you do not want to be….even not too long ago….Sydney White and the Seven Dorks, now a DJ may have Doctor Who’s theme song for weddings and crazed fans, but back then it was thought of as ludicrous, enough to make it into a dorky OMG so embarrassing reference in the movie.

I understand if you want to call yourself a dweek. Proudly declare it if you want to, maybe we can make being geeky cool forever.




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