The First Companion Speaks Up

Carole Ann Ford claims “Doctor Who” ruined her career.

Carole Ann Ford, the actress who played Susan, grand daughter to the Doctor, wishes she could go back in time. Many of the Doctors have left the role because they are afraid of being type cast. Quite often though, companions often get the same effect. At first, the show was more about the strange child, Susan. However with a title like “Doctor Who”, the show shifted focus onto the man who carried that title.


Carole says she wishes that she could have had a role more closely resembling the stronger women on the series now.

She says that she did not want to just run away screaming from aliens or monsters but instead would have loved to have said “you are beautiful,” to some of those hideous looking creature.

She said they did not want to show to have any sexual tones at all, they even did not want her to refer to the doctor as her “grandfather” meaning he would have had to have sex to even have a grand-daughter. She said she had a fit.

She has always been anxious to share these thoughts in interviews. It is no wonder, the role she started and passed down has stayed. It has become huge and the role has followed her.

If you want to read more and the full article, click here .




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