Hmm…that is all Peter Capaldi has said about Maisie and her apparently mysterious character in season 9.
Do you think we have another case of the Master? A huge drawn out tease of a mysterious character when in reality it is a simple answer?

Or do we have something clever?

Is she going to be new? Or old?

Should we know her?

Some fans think she is Romana, the Rani, Susan, Jenny, River, or even Sarah Jane! 962057d5e064a00aaa53571173dcaf36

Is she a character we have seen maybe once?

Or is she totally brand new?


Some people think it may be a child of the doctor. Susan, after all was his grandchild.

Then at times it becomes a far stretch like Captain Jack or a human k9 with some fan theories.

The Valeyard? Clara?


Who knows?

I am going to enjoy the series as it comes along because obsessing over theories is not as fun. Even if you were right. I was hoping for more clever. I was hoping for something else with Missy even though I kind of guessed. I was hoping I was wrong. So I’ll just sit back and wait to see.

Here are other theories. Some are quite clever. Some are not.


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