College Journalist Remembering Sept 11th and How the Doctor fits in…

I’m an American. I think being a young kid when this happened, influenced my whole generation. I grew up that day. I grew up torespect freedom that day.

It was close to my birthday. Instead of it being happy, I got a card from a kid in my classroom with a kid jumping off a building. I watched the news. I think my generation was one of the first in a long time in America, to pay attention to the news and politics.

The older generation is surprised that my generation is getting involved in things, but September 11th did that to us. It was our Pearl Harbor bombing.

I am a multimedia journalist now. This is a powerful video a professor showed us last year. .

I guess it’s odd for me to think, that at first no one knew what this was…..because it’s a day in infamy for me and others.

What’s chilling to me looking back at this video, is how we do not even know what is going on. I mean, how could we? But today, if something like this happened, we would jump to that conclusion. Here, no one jumps to that conclusion, everyone is saying it’s an accident. Even when the other plane circles the building and crashes…..What’s chilling is how long it took for them to jump to it in some cases.

What’s also striking is there is no ground footage. I have seen pictures of people running, people in shops watching people running, going to the door to see what is going on, and just the debris, the dense smoke-covering the streets so that all those poor people also trying to outrun the fall too.


I remember being a kid, trying to imagine, how could you survive that? I was a survivalist, I liked camping and shows/books/stories of surviving……There was no way to survive this. I tried to think there was for my own innocence, but seeing the pictures of people on the GROUND running, there was no escape.

It happened so fast, no wonder why they were running. It looks like the city is falling. If you were just going about your day, not looking up, but suddenly a loud noise is there…..

We all have our September 11th stories. I think most people my age were not told until we came home. There were no cell phones or even computers breaking us the news constantly……so mine was coming home. Watching the screen. Watching my mom panic. Just knowing, my world would never be the same. My world was not innocent at 7. I knew it meant war at the time. But I was still trying to piece together the tragedy of it all. I could only look with numbness.

Then intense sense of community, that I would make a difference, I would do what I could to fight such tragedies. I would bring happiness to such dim worlds. I would fight evil.

This is where the world really could have used the doctor. Maybe that’s why I and perhaps so many others from my generation latch onto in America. The love for Doctor Who in America is usually called intense, maybe it’s because we have seen the tragedy, and we wish that we could be the doctor. Save the world from days such as this.

Days such as this….are the real Doomsday.

angry clapping


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