It’s My Birthday

Today is my birthday and if you want to give me a little birthday gift, there are many ways to do that.

  1. Follow me on some kind of social media.                                                                                         Twitter  (@DoctorWhoforYou), Instagram (TrueTravelsofHope), Facebook Doctor Who for You. Tumblr

2. Comment on a post.

I get likes, people read my stuff, but no one ever comments.

3. Explore the pages on this website.

I write so many of them but no one ever looks at them, so I do not spend too much time on them. Sometimes I start them and abandon them because why bother wasting my time on something no one is reading. It’d honor me if you read about me or something or whatnot.

4. Subscribe to this blog.

Then I might continue writing it.

5. Check out some of my other projects. Including

Travels of Hope , the twitter , facebook and My YouTube where I will be posting of my travels to the UK. There will be Doctor Who news updates as well. I will be getting Snapchat and Periscope in order to show you first hand Doctor Who Festival.

6. If you have money you could give, I am going abroad and would like to visit some places as a Christmas gift. I will not be able to spend it with my extended family. So it’s holidays for a whole term money.

Study Abroad Donations

or Paypal, because Paypal is easier AND this other websites takes some of the money for its own profits, so I literally got nothing last time I did this because it took most of it.


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