Clara to Leave-Your Opinion?

Some think that Clara is an over complicated girl. Some love her! But like it or not she is leaving, but surely not without causing a few Whovian wars on Twitter. 

During season 7, I had a hard time adjusting to Clara. I thought her storyline was insulting to other companions. I thought it was over-complicated. I thought she wasn’t very ordinary or human. I wanted a companion that I could live through. There were some moments in season 7 where everyone was having a hard time with their acting, Coleman included, but even seasoned pros were having me laughing at the way they delivered their lines.

Then season 8 came. I loved Clara. My mom finally started watching the show and she loves Clara. Clara is probably why my mom watches the show. I watched Whouffaldi shippers. I was sad at that, I love all this in play, but I think romantically shipping them too hard takes away from the show. I think that the show shouldn’t be a romantic drama. I don’t like something being made of nothing, but it is cute fun. As long as people don’t start shipping them in real life. I never want to wake up to news that Capaldi leaves his wife.

I think during series 8, Clara’s character became more of a person and not some grandiose story that had no way to ground her. She developed her key fault of bossiness. She became someone I could laugh with, at, love, and understand rather than just a crazy confusing story that frankly just made me angry. It was so grandiose the actors had a hard time doing their jobs.

At least Amy Pond and Rory were allowed to be more human first.


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