Review of “The Magician’s Apprentice”

     The Doctor believes that Davros has come for his final revenge, or so it appears,    and this time he believes that Davros will be successful this time.

The Daleks seem as frightening as ever, not stopping to chat but to kill on sight. I love to hate the Daleks. A well written Dalek story makes me look forward to the two part series, although the anticipation may add years to my life.

capaldi playing guitar because why the hell not

As much as I am excited for next week, there are a lot more questions down the road, such as Maisie Williams’ character and about Clara’s goodbye. I refuse to believe that Missy and Clara die by the Dalek’s plungers. Each moment watching Clara is like watching a school friend before graduation. Clara teaming with Missy is a relishing development. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

capaldi teenage rock god

This is obviously written for the fans and for Peter himself. I mean, look how much he is having a blast, he’s like living your dad’s teenage fantasy. He’s almost like your dad. If Susan were alive, I think she’d hide, because she’s be like “oh, grandad, why?”

Such a dad.


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