If You Haven’t Seen This, I CAN’T Believe It!

Seriously, if you haven’t watched the HillyWood show’s parody on Doctor Who, well then you have missed possibly your favorite video on the internet! The Hillywood Show often do panels either at YouTube conventions, wizard conventions and other things. Also if you double heart Rocky Horror Picture Show, it uses that song because it’s absolutely perfect for Whovians, isn’t it?

This is the video I was talking about, I urge you to watch it to the very end, even after the credits.

THIS is the song that they are parodying

If you want a behind the scenes look on the making of it, here it is!

I wish they would give a tutorial on how they got themselves to look like Donna and the Doctor because they look completely different. These girls should be makeup artists! As well as how they got that David Tennant sounding voice.

I wish I had the equipment (like it’s actually affordable but a lot to buy at once), but there props are what cost money.

These girls are SO awesome at cosplay, musical parodies, and just everything that I’m going to throw in the video that I actually found them doing first (because they did do this parody first and it warmed my heart to see them have such taste as doing a Doctor Who one).


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