I Was Wrong about Katy Manning

During March, the third month, celebrating the third doctor, I made some sorry statements about Katy Manning. You can read that as well as my apology here.

Here is the article I wrote about companion Jo Grant in March.

Yet I did a poll and the only person that didn’t like Jo Grant was my vote. So I have obviously been over-ruled.

The truth is, I do love Jo Grant. I guess what I am saying is I liked Elizabeth Shaw more. Jo Grant did help the ordinary girl cause though, they weren’t completely sniveling or at the mercy of the Doctor’s whims. Jo Grant made moves out on her own, trying to strike her own path.

It is not Jo Grant’s fault that many companions were whiny and all around kind of more a damsel in distress. Because right after Jo Grant we have one of the Doctor’s most strong companions, Sarah Jane Smith.


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