1970847_10152035226991342_1197145536_nI am a college student in America that somewhat rashly made a Doctor Who blog. I had tons of stuff I wanted to publish. I want it to be informal, because I am a fan like you, but here I am on a blog that is starting to consume my school life. So, I am sorry if I do not always post all the latest Doctor Who news, but I am running this blog alone, I do keep up pretty well. Plus, each website posts different news stories even if most of them post the same ones for the most part.

I want nothing more than to visit the UK and explore the country. I PLAN TO STUDY ABROAD in the FALL 2015.

If you want to contact me about a fan art of any kind ( art, video, write, etc) , EMAIL me hopeis@okstate.edu write Doctor Who in the title or else I will not read it.


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