Are you new to Who? If you are there are a few things you should know. It is OK to like any Doctor you want. It is YOUR Doctor. True fans will not get angry at you for your favorite. However, true fans would like you to explore and appreciate all Doctors.

9- 9 brought the series back into existence, for which many thank him but is not inherently the favorite.

10- 10 is like the sweetheart, everyone seems to really love him and he added more romance to the show. Many girls think he is hot.

11-brought the show to it’s height in popularity so far. So he is many’s first Doctor, and it is hard to love anyone other than your first in the world of Who.

12- just started, but many classic fans and others are really into him.

Classic Who

1-obviously brought the show into existence and provides backstory to the Doctor, he is cantankerous and sassy.

2- The regeneration concept is brought into existence and that includes a shift in personality, he is a quite comical doctor.

3-is banished to earth due to a falling out with the “time lords”, it ends with two being angry he is banished and cannot pick who he wants to look like….he ends up as a gentleman that likes to dress like a “dandy”. He works with UNIT on secret government projects.

4- Often considered the most popular of all the regenerations until 10 came around. He has many quirks, wears a hat and a long colorful scarf. He is fairly ridiculous and has some of the most recognizable companions.

5-the nice guy. He is also literal father-in-law to David Tennant (the 10th doctor), so a lot of jokes there.

6- Coat of many colors and rather obnoxious. Many people stopped watching.

7- My classic favorite, but many do not like the question mark umbrella and sweater covered Doctor for reports of him being “manipulative”, the show also ended after his run.

8- Only got a movie but has many audio adventures through Big Finish. He has a large fan base though. He also recently just “died” or regenerated, finally getting his regeneration scene turning into John Hurt’s doctor

9/the war doctor- Only was really in the recent movie where more of the doctor’s backstory is revealed.

Classic fans especially, because they do not get as much attention since hardly any of them have really been asked for a call back. Companions rarely make a call back either. Classic fans are the through thick and thin variety and are extremely loyal. They appreciate the same courtesy and appreciation back.

For an alien that goes around planets to save them (and that’s all we see), it’s kind of surprising to learn that he for one has watched movies like The Lion King or has learned martial arts from…where was it again? Ask the third doctor, it goes way back.

So I have decided to make a list. Whenever I hear him mention something that he has done off screen, then I’ll write it down here.

1. Learned martial arts

2. Watched The Lion King

3. Read Harry Potter series

4. Read Charles Dickens’ novels

5. Read Shakespeare

6. (implied sex with virgin queen)

7. Read Agatha Christie Novels

8. Third doctor said he talked to Sir Walter Raleigh and Elizabeth talking about potatoes.

9. He argued with Henry the 8th (1st Doctor, sensorite episode)

10. Married/had an intimate relationship with the virgin queen 😉

11. Watched The Muppet Movie

Things that have stayed the same through all the doctors…..

1. He calls himself the Doctor

2. He has a TARDIS

3. He pretty much has always loved jelly babies (ever since the second doctor)

article-0-17344EC1000005DC-24_634x416My two favorites, classic and new….although now Peter Capaldi is becoming my favorite.


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