The Brigadier and the Fourth Doctor

The Brigadier is a companion that is seen all through classic who. He is all along the Doctor’s timeline. The fourth Doctor no longer was no longer bound to earth like Pertwee’s doctor. So he left the Brigadier, well at least he wasn’t in every episode anymore. The audience was deprived of the Brigadier but…

Another 4th Doctor Compilation

Ok, it may not be the best, but if you got 10 minutes, it’s a good look at the 4th Doctor era. I didn’t really have time to scour the Internet or write anything meaningful or cute. Sorry, on the run and well…..frankly I don’t know how I keep up with this blog at all.…

Prime Computers and The Doctor

Computers, incredibly futuristic. Well, especially during the classic who doctor’s times. Yet the Doctor advertises for Prime Computers. The ads are compiled in the video in this article. Yes I’m going to make you click it to get it! 

Everybody Loves Me(4th Doctor)

Of course, “Everybody Loves Me” by One Republic is a perfect song for Tom Baker. The song eerily fits the action, probably because the “everybody loves me” and “swinging to my own sound”, fits so well with why we love the 4th Doctor.